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Program Goals

  • To engage students in diverse, challenging grade level instruction and experiences;
  • To provide counseling enrichment and support activities that increase positive behavior;
  • To increase students' pro-social skills and on-task behavior;
  • To empower parents with skills, insight, and knowledge for reinforcing student’s positive behaviors;
  • To allow for a successful transition back to the home school;
  • To increase students' emotional and social capacity; and
  • To return to home school within nine to 18 weeks with an overall increased positive behavioral capacity.

Classroom Set-Up

At Project ACCEPT, we offer kindergarten through 6th grade. Our classroom ratio is two adults to 13 students.

Students set Individual Learning Plans, which contain their personal goals, strengths, learning style, reading and math MAP scores, and projects. This becomes their road map to success and goals are reviewed with students several times per quarter. We also have daily morning meetings to support our students' academic, social, and emotional goals.

Parent Communication

Our teachers contact parents/guardians weekly through phone calls, emails, or texts.

We believe our parents are a vital part of student success!

Staying On Track

Students transferring from other schools in our district will continue to follow the PACE calendar. This means that students will maintain the same literacy and Eureka math curriculum as their home school.

Good, better, best, never let it rest.
Till your good is better, and your better is your best.




CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts)

Uses 2 strand skill sets to combine decoding of basic skills and comprehension for future fluent readers

Eureka Math


Used for focus and coherence when solving rigorous work



MAP Growth / NWEA


MAP assessments are designed to measure student achievement in the moment and growth over time. The results can be used to help personalize lessons at the appropriate level for the student.


MAP Parent ToolKit


Oklahoma Reading Sufficiency

The purpose of the Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) is to ensure that all Oklahoma students are reading on grade level at the end of third grade (a critical juncture when students go from learning to read to reading to learn). RSA supports Oklahoma children in Kindergarten through third grade. 

The Reading Sufficiency Act (PDF)